About Us


The Given Value is

to be unselfish within your heart. Non-judgmental or quick to judge someone's situation 


The Given Value is

to not worry about color, gender or size. It's about knowing it's the right thing to do.


The Given Value is

the ideal essentials of why we are called humans/mankind


The Given Value is

know different from the earth giving LIFE to all things

Our Story

Given Values was established in 2020 by the founders who have a strong passion and drive to provide support to less fortunate families and individuals with a focus on at risk youth of diverse backgrounds. We strive to restore human dignity in those experiencing tough times by providing as many resources and opportunities as possible to in turn see healthy and thriving communities. 

Through birth we were given the value of life. In turn it is our duty to give value back to others. We do this with a sense of compassion, trust and a love of sharing. We give without discrimination and directly from the heart. 

With each and every person we help we are one step closer to building stronger communities.